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November, 2011

Holiday in the Green Light District

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The Green Light District (GLD) will hold its Second Annual Holiday Event on Thursday, December 8th, 2011 from 5-9pm in the 2000-2100 blocks on Magazine St. The annual event is being held by the Green Light District in order to build community awareness of environmental issues and offer consumers a “Green” shopping holiday alternative.  All Green Light District Member businesses as well as several neighborhood businesses within the 2000-2100 blocks of Magazine St. will be open late and each will be offering a unique “Eco-Celebration” for the community and its customers.

The Green Light District (GLD) is an association of eco-friendly businesses that exists in the Lower Garden District and whose mission is to educate the community about sustainable practices and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. The Green Light District businesses aim to give New Orleans residents an eco-friendly alternative when it comes to their shopping needs and to strengthen the community that exists in the Lower Garden District.

The evenings events to include live music by Ms. Mec & Belizaire,  A special Display of Light Bulb Trees courtesy of Sacred Heart High School Students & Green Light New Orleans, Complimentary Refreshments, Special event sales, An event “ Green Passport” that entitles participants the chance to win a Gift Basket full of Eco-gifts, Special Trunk Showings, a Live Green Santa for children to take pictures with as well as informational tables by Local Non-Profits and presentations from eco-minded service organizations.

So be sure to stop by Branch Out, get your passport stamped, eat, drink and be merry with us! We will be bulking up the sale and clearance racks so you can snag some great gifts or even a little something for yourself at great prices! Can’t wait to see you!

Happy Holiday! -Lauren + Thiri

Tips for Keeping Warm without Turning Up the Heat

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Heat is one of the biggest energy wasters in the home. Conserving heat and
resisting the urge to turn the heat up are therefore prime green living goals.
As such, here are a few tips to help you stay warm in the colder months while
continuing to support green living. Article originally published on

Wearing appropriate clothing helps you brave the cold and practice green
living. Choose long pants, long sleeves, and dress in layers. Don’t forget to
keep something (socks, slippers, shoes) on your feet. And if you really want to
stay warm and practice green living, wear a hat. Your mother always used to say
that heat is lost through your head, and it turns out she was right!

For greater green living, make sure your house and windows are well
insulated. If your windows are really drafty and you’re not ready to replace
them, try buying plastic insulation designed to put over your windows for better
winter insulation.

Close the shades or curtains to keep the heat in. This will add even better
insulation against the cold outside, wasting less heat in support of green
living. Of course, you may want to let in some sunlight during the day or risk
going stir-crazy!

Cook or bake hot food! Eating hot food, and even more turning on the oven in
the first place, will make you warmer. Why not sit in the kitchen and read while
you’re cooking? Of course, for green living you should not turn the oven on just
for heat which is not at all efficient. If you’re planning to cook dinner anyway
though, why not revel in the heat?

Hydrate your body with herbal tea instead of ice water. Practice green
living by staying warm from the inside out.

Close the door quickly when going in or out of the house. Keep that heat
where it belongs, furthering green living.

Be active. Dance around or use the stair stepper to get your heart rate and
metabolism going. Let your own body contribute more heat.

Get up close and personal. For a fun means toward green living, grab your
spouse, significant other, kids, best friend, or pet and curl up together on the
couch under a blanket. What better way is there to stay warm?

Close the doors to any rooms you are not using, and close the vents which
deliver heat to those rooms, to support green living. Of course, be careful not
to allow stored food, beauty products, or pipes to get too cold.

So cozy up with some great eco-freindly gear from Branch Out and enjoy the cooler weather!

Favorite Picks for November

Nov 7, 2011 by in Fashion Comments Off on Favorite Picks for November

For the Gals:

The Pantheone Dress is simply gorgeous! The rich deep jade color is perfect for any holiday party and the unique shoulder straps make this dress the perfect show stopper!


We just love this jacket because it’s basically feels like you are wrapped up in your favorite hoodie but it has all the style of a mini trench. The Sloan jacket simply goes with anything!


For the Guys:

The Alden Flannel is a great buy for any guy. You can’t get any more classic than this and the flannel is so soft you will want to wear it every day!


We decided to go with another Elwood pick this time around, the Rambler pant. These super soft and rich pants almost feel like velvet and the great chocolate color gives them a great vintage vibe. Goes perfect with the Alden flannel!


So there you have it, boys and girls, our favorites for November! Don’t forget to shop local this holiday season!

xoxo, Lauren + Thiri