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May, 2012

Memorial Day

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Please take a moment today to thank and remember those who serve our country.

How Does Solar Power Work?

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Solar Panels are a great way “Green” your home but how does Solar Power work? We found an interesting article over at Scientific American to help explain. Check it out below!

How does Solar Power Work – Chemist Paul Alivisatos explains how to generate electricity from sunlight

We asked Paul Alivisatos, deputy laboratory director at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and a leader of their Helios solar energy research project, to explain how people capture energy from sunlight and how we can do it better.

What is a solar cell?
A solar cell is a device people can make that takes the energy of sunlight and converts it into electricity.

How does a solar cell turn sunlight into electricity?
In a crystal, the bonds [between silicon atoms] are made of electrons that are shared between all of the atoms of the crystal. The light gets absorbed, and one of the electrons that’s in one of the bonds gets excited up to a higher energy level and can move around more freely than when it was bound. That electron can then move around the crystal freely, and we can get a current.

Imagine that you have a ledge, like a shelf on the wall, and you take a ball and you throw it up on that ledge. That’s like promoting an electron to a higher energy level, and it can’t fall down. A photon [packet of light energy] comes in, and it bumps up the electron onto the ledge [representing the higher energy level] and it stays there until we can come and collect the energy [by using the electricity].

What’s the biggest difference between how a plant captures light energy and how we do it with solar cells?
We wish we could do what plants do because plants absorb the light, and [they use] that electron to change a chemical bond inside the plant to actually make fuel.

Could you do artificial photosynthesis and emulate a plant?
We would love to be able to make a solar cell that instead of making electricity makes fuel. That would be a very big advance. It’s a very active topic right now among researchers, but it’s hard to predict when we will be able to use it.

One of the reasons we like to plant trees is because they take the CO2 out of the air. If we could do that [with a solar cell], then we could actually deal with global warming problems even more directly because we’d be pulling the CO2 out of the air to make our fuel.

How good are current solar cells at capturing light energy?
So we can talk about the power efficiency. The power efficiency of a typical crystalline silicon cell is in the 22 to 23 percent [range, meaning they convert as much as 23 percent of the light striking them into electricity]. The ones that you typically might be able to afford to put on your rooftop are lower than that, somewhere between 15 and 18 percent. The most efficient, like the ones that go on satellites, might have power efficiencies approaching 50 percent.

The power efficiency is one measure, but the other thing that we’re very concerned about is the cost of making them and the scale of production.

In my opinion, the silicon technology doesn’t scale [up] too well [because it’s expensive to make]. We need to invent some new technology, [which] may not be as efficient, but you need to be able to make millions of acres of stuff if you want to get a lot of energy. People are trying to use new materials like plastics and nanoparticles.

The total solar production in 2004 was around one thousandth of the total power consumption of the U.S. It’s just not enough. Something’s gotta change. We’re not there yet. There’s a lot of discoveries still to be made.

Originally published by Scientific American by Susannah Locke, October 20, 2008

May Picks!

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For the Gents!

We just love this cool lavender color because it just screams California in the 80s and so does this Topo Ranch T-shirt!

We stuck with Topo Ranch for our next pick because their t-shirts have some of the best prints for men we’ve seen all Spring. We’re lovin’ the primary colors on this one.

For the Ladies!

We are totally lovin’ color this Spring and what could be hotter than this bright Tomato! And the tonal arrow print isn’t too shabby either!

We like to think of the Isope Dress as an alternative to seersucker. This subtle men’s wear fabric would look great at any backyard garden party!

Well we made it through Jazz Fest and loved every minute of it! Stay tuned for other great Spring/ Summer picks from us!

Love, Lauren + Thiri