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October, 2012

Green Halloween!

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Here are a few simple tips to have a more eco-friendly Halloween!


-Host a costume swap with your friends and neighbors. This way you can recycle costumes but everyone gets something “new to them.”

-Shop local consignment, vintage or thrift stores to buy used costumes or to get pieces to create your own costumes…Think a plaid shirt, jeans and bandanna for a quick cowboy, groovy vintage clothing makes you an instant hippie and lots of brightly colored clothing could make a great clown.

-Make your costume at home with recycled and reclaimed materials. This site has some good ideas to help get you thinking about what you have around the house. This site has some great suggestions on what materials you can recycle to make different costumes. An old cardboard box becomes a robot, left over 2-liter soda bottles become a scuba tank or use old newspapers to make a dress!

-Make your own face paint! Here are some great recipes.


-Consider handing out organic candy this year. Like these or anything from this site.

-Shop local! Buy all your treats from local candy makers or support you local neighborhood grocery store or pharmacy to buy your goodies.

-Hand out organic fruit snacks like Annie’s brand or individual fruit sauce packets like this brand. Or just go old school and hand out raisins, apples or oranges.

-Recycle the candy wrappers. Get crafty and make something new like this. Or send your old wrappers to TerraCycle’s Candy Wrapper Brigade where they reuse the wrappers to make tote bags and other neat stuff.

-Use that whole pumpkin! Toast up the seeds for a tasty snack and compost the insides and even the pumpkin after Halloween. Or stick to the smaller baking varieties that you can bake into a pie after they adorn your walkway or porch.


-Go natural! Instead of the plastic disposable decorations choose orange and yellow flowers and plants to dress up your house, wreaths made of fall hay or colored leaves or uncarved pumpkins to line a pathway. These can all be composted or replanted after use.

-Go homemade! Skip the store bought decorations and use what’s around you to make some great decorations. Old sheets hung from trees make spooky ghosts and cardboard boxes can be cut into almost any scary shape and posted up on windows and doors!

-Use LED or solar lights to light the path to your door intead of regular lights.

-Use soy or natural wax candles instead of paraffin (which is a petroleum product) candles for your jack-o-lanterns.

We hope these tips were helpful and we hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!




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Our 3rd Birthday/ Art for Art’s Sake celebration was great! Thank you to all our friends and customer who came out to party with us! Be sure and check out our Facebook album with all the great photo booth photos from the night!

Here is a sampling…

Thanks again, y’all! And don’t forget to see all the pictures on our Facebook!


Favorites for October!

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For the Ladies:

The Morgan sneaker boot by the People’s Movement is the perfect shoe for fall. The color is on point and the comfort level is over the top! Plus the company uses sustainable materials!


The Balloons dress by Skunkfunk is a comfortable little number that would look great with boots and leggings. The fine glitter detail makes this dress perfect for going out but also subtle enough for work!

For the Gentlemen:

The Flanny shoe by the People’s Movement is a take on the classic canvas hi top with subtle design detail like their signature embroidered “MOVMT chevron.”  The perfect blend of timeless style and modern comfort that gets better with age.



This 100% organic cotton tee is perfect for Halloween! What better time to start believing in spaghetti monsters!

October is always a fun filled month over at Branch Out because we celebrate our 3rd Birthday party at the annual Art for Art’s Sake bash. Come by this Saturday October 6 at 7pm for cupcakes, cocktails and more!