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April, 2014

Happy Earth Day! What Can You Do to Celebrate?

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10 Ideas to Celebrate the Earth!

10. Leave the Car at Home. There are lots of ways to get to work without driving your car. You can carpool with someone from work, take the bus or train, arrange to work from home for the day, or, best yet, ride your bike. Then you’ll be getting healthier right alongside the planet.

9. Skip that Shower. Water shortages around the world are a real problem and you don’t necessarily need a shower every day. A 10 minute shower can consume up to 50 gallons of water. And too much showering can actually strip you skin and hair of the natural oils that help protect it.

8. Start Banking Online. Lots of people have started paying credit card bills and viewing statements online instead of through the mail. It’s faster than writing checks, and you don’t have to store all that paper. And if everybody in the United States started dealing with money online, it would save almost 19 millions trees every year. It would also save some gas, since the post office wouldn’t have to deliver your statements and your payment. If you haven’t made the switch yet, Earth Day is a great time to sit down and set everything up.

7. Buy a Carbon Offset.  If you’re too busy to get out there and contribute an effective way to help would to be to purchase a carbon offset. You pay for clean energy through a website like to offset the dirty energy you use. You could pay for the energy your home uses this Earth Day.

6. Write an Email to Your Congressman or Congresswomen. Contacting someone with the power to make large-scale change through legislation, like a senator or representative, can have some pretty grand and lasting consequences. Pick a topic you feel passionately about  or weigh in on pending legislation.

5. Volunteer or Attend an Earth Day Event. Find a list of activities here, or through your local community. You could plant a tree, clean up trash in your neighborhood, volunteer for an Earth Day celebration or even just spread the word about what people can do to help.

4. Plant a Tree! Literally make the world a greener place by planting a tree or shrub. Or even a seasonal vegetable garden. Plant something local that will grow well without excess water. Trees and shrubs help to reduce global warming and soil erosion.

3. Update Old Light-blubs. It’s time to switch out your old incandescent light-blubs to energy-saving fluorescent ones. It’ll save you money on your energy bill since fluorescents are a lot more efficient than standard light-bulbs. Check out to help you switch out those blubs.

2. Start a Compost Bin. Every time you throw out coffee grounds, egg shells, and paper towels  you’re adding to a landfill — and subtracting from your yard. All of this stuff, and much more, can be composted instead of trashed, and compost is an ideal way to fertilize your outdoor space. And once you set up a composting system — basically a bin in your kitchen to put in compostable waste, and a bin in your yard where it can decay — all of that rich fertilizer is free.

1. Keep It All Up! It’s great to do something nice for the environment on Earth Day. It’s even better to keep it going after Earth Day has passed.The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to extend the celebration. So if you commemorate Earth Day by setting up a compost bin, make sure you stick with composting your kitchen waste. If you skip a shower to save conserve water, make it a habit to conserve water in other small ways, like only running the washer or the dishwasher when there’s a full load.Once you replace your light-blubs, remember to turn them off when you leave the room. See if you can get a car pool together for work. Make planting a tree on Earth Day a yearly tradition. And if you find you like volunteering on Earth Day, who knows — maybe you’ll like volunteering for the environment once a month. The Earth will thank you for it, and Earth Day will have done its job.

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April Favorites!

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For the Gentleman:


We are so smitten with our new t-shirt line from American made, Seattle based company Choke Shirt Co. The are a super soft blend tee with awesome hand drawn graphics! Like the Tigster, tiger-hipster, here.


And Summer is not match for the new bamboo arm sunglasses from Blue Planet. Recycled plastic and bamboo frames! Also the company donate a  pair of reading glasses to a child in need whenever you buy a pair of sunglasses!

For the Ladies:


The Tried and True top from Mata Traders features such a darling cut and print! The light weight cotton is perfect for hot days and the print just screams, “Take me to the lake!”


Here is a real bang for your buck! A breezy strapless top that doubles as flowy skirt! Made from recycled silk Indian saris, this skirt from Indie Ella is perfect for Summer.