Sweet Olive Handmade Soap – Louisiana Honey Bee


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What makes this Beeswax and Honey soap even more special than the rest?Well, let’s start with the drive that I took all the way out to Hammond, Louisiana to pay the Honey Man a visit. It was here that I took a personal tour of his gotta- see- it- to- believe- it organic bee farm that he has proudly run for the last 57 years. He claims that the bees do all of the work, but every jar of delicious honey is collected, poured, packaged, and delivered by the Honey Man himself. After bribing him with a few bars of soap and mostly shameless flirting, he let me suit up and collect my own honey for this recipe and even threw in a couple of pounds of beeswax which I now pass on to you. Then I added sweet almond oil to make one hell of a nourishing and moisturizing bar of soap and topped it with the heavenly fragrance of honey and beeswax. A very special bar of soap indeed.Bee My Honey Bee is handmade using the cold process method and weighs approximately 4.9 ounces.


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