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Who doesn’t love a cause? Well, New Orleanians for one. So how how freakin’ brilliant was it of Abita Brewery to get to our wallets through our livers? Just two weeks after the levees broke, Abita resumed production with this snappy citrusy brew that we were happy to but buy the case load in the name of restoration. For every bottle of Abita’s Restoration Pale Ale sold, a donation was made to the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation totaling roughly $550,000. Trust me, you drink a lot of beer when you are figuring out how to hang dry wall for the first time and I did my part. You also think about how long it’s been since you’ve taken a shower and how the hell long does it take to turn the water back on anyway? So let’s hear it for Abita Brewery and a damned fine beer that helped make the bad times bearable! Restore yourself with this sage and citrus scented beer soap that’s a bubbly hit with the locals who now boast about how long their neighborhoods went without running water. Restoration Beer Soap is a tough cleanser that scrubs away the crap and is made from quality vegetable oils designed to moisturize and nourish your desperately in need of a multi-vitamin self. Restoration Beer Soap is made using the cold process method and each fleur de lis stamped bar weigh approximately 4.7 ounces.


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