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To make proper New Orleans iced tea, you simply brew black tea and let it cool in a glass pitcher placed on the sunniest spot of the back porch with sliced lemons for a day or two. Cram as much ice as will fit into your glasses and pour your refreshing brew right on top. And whatever you do, for heaven’s sake whatever you do, don’t add sugar! Sweet tea is something my cousins from North Louisiana would enjoy outdoors all summer long and I resented them for it. It smelled so delicious on those unbearably hot summer days and poured like molasses once Aunt Jeannie was done stirring in a box of white sugar. Even bribed with a fresh sprig of mint, I would not partake as if to do so was to turn against my culture which is a decidedly non-sweet tea one. You have to know how to pick your battles and I stubbornly drank from the garden hose to quench my thirst so as not to track dirt through Aunties kitchen. So that’s how I felt as a child and pretty much sums up how I feel now. But I can’t let my own admittedly bizarre hang-up prevent me from bringing you a fabulous bar of soap with a sophisticated fragrance that even I love! Black tea blended with white sugar and zings of lemon will taunt your senses and we’re all grown-up here, so there’s no need for my fellow New Orleanians to head to the nearest water hose while reading this description. Rich, creamy and bubbly best describe the lather of Sweet Tea Soap that softens skin with a nourishing blend of oils and a heavy pour of sweet almond oil that any Southern Auntie would be very proud of.Ingredients: Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil. 4.5 ounces.


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