Recycled Mardi Gras Beads DIY Ideas




Here are just a few ideas on what to do with all the Mardi Gras beads you catch this Carnival!

1. Recycle all those beads into a custom work of art! Grab an old picture with frame from a thrift store and paint over it so you’ll have a clean background to work with. Sketch out the design you want and pick out the colors of beads you want. Then start cutting and hot gluing the beads to your canvas. Make any design you want! This would be a great gift or the perfect Mardi Gras decoration.

2. Make your own hot plate for your Carnival table! If you click on the picture you can get the step by step details but it’s really easy. Cardboard as the base and beads hot glued into place. Such a simple craft and would be a great hostess gift.

3. Make the house festive with a hand made wreath! Click the picture for the step by step instructions. You could really go crazy with these! Imagine using all your throws for the decorations! Zulu coconuts, Muses’ shoes, doubloons and more!

You can also always recycle your Mardi Gras throws with the ARC of Greater New Orleans. The ARC is a non-profit that works with the disabled and they collect beads to reprocess them to resell each year. It’s a great cause that really benefits from your donations of old beads.

You might even know a friend or have family who ride in a parade each year that would love to have the beads or perhaps you’re super crafty and want to whip up a costume for Mardi Gras day made entirely of beads! So don’t toss those beads in the garbage! Make something or donate!



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